Corporate Profile

Partnerships are formed through the meeting of like minds and the establishment of common goals.

The Lester Group has been strategically and successfully growing the wealth of our investors since 1995. We are known for being fiscally responsible, disciplined and committed to consistently delivering value for our investors. The Lester Group is family owned and run, offering a level of security and comfort that only comes when those in charge have such a vested and personal stake in its success.

The Lester Group is the perfect partner with skill, scale and discipline. We seek to partner with like-minded people, carefully selecting and developing properties to produce solid and sustainable returns.

We take the emotion out of investment. Our approach is built on a proven, methodical and analytical process. We offer carefully selected property investment opportunities that deliver financial security and enviable growth through a diversified property portfolio.

Our investors typically form long-term relationships with us, and that’s why word of mouth is still the most meaningful endorsement of what we deliver, and how we do business.

A passion for excellence, focus on performance and commitment to deliver form the cornerstone of the Lester Group's investment philosophy.

Our reputation has been built on nearly two decades of consistently delivering returns on investments which we undertake on behalf of our group of like-minded investors.

Armed with an intimate knowledge of market conditions, our experienced team identifies and secures attractive investment options for our partners. We then manage and help grow these investments into sustainable, long-term financial assets.

Put simply, our expertise is your reward.