The Lester Group’s investment strategy is simple – selectively acquire prime commercial properties during anti-cyclical periods, ensure an ongoing rental income distribution to investors throughout the life of the investment and a capital gain upon disposal. The Group’s disciplined investment criteria, based upon solid property fundamentals, maintainable financials and a preference for “value add” opportunities, will ensure the strategy provides the most attractive opportunities to investors.

Our investment philosophy is centered around medium to long term asset retention. Each property will have a unique value add opportunity, and may perhaps involve improving the tenancy schedule and lease covenants, or some development or refurbishment. The nature of property investment ensures that each opportunity will be unique, enabling investors to diversify their investment risks and increase the reliability of returns.

By partnering with the Lester Group, you will access their property experience and the opportunity to invest with them. The Lester Group intends to invest in every property offered to investors and manage all aspect of the property and investment.