Investing with the Lester Group

Investors in our property syndicates share ownership of a single property within our portfolio. Each new syndicate is structured and financed to suit the characteristics of the property and usually includes the Lester Group as the largest investor and manager of the property and investment syndicate.

Syndicate member benefits:

  1. Opportunities to invest into large-scale properties that could not be achieved by an individual investor;
  2. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of the Lester Group; and
  3. The Lester Family are major investors in the Group’s syndicates.

To receive information about our latest investment opportunity or if you are interested in finding our more about investing with the Lester Group, please call Russell Lester on +61 8 9423 5100.

Property Outlook 

To find out more about investment opportunities and an update of the current market down load our latest Property Outlook.

Property Outlook March 2015 (1.19 Mb)